Efficient LED Lighting Systems

Efficient LED Lighting Systems is located in Sunapee, NH. The Town of Sunapee and many surrounding communities have taken advantage of the energy conservation products offered by Efficient LED Lighting Systems, and other products offered by its affiliates.

While working for a Massachusetts Corporation with decades of experience at the highest levels of government, including the utilities and the business community, Peter Salvitti, Owner of Efficient LED Lighting Systems amassed a vast amount of knowledge and valuable contacts in the energy sector. Efficient LED Lighting Systems is able to identify the needs of our clients and provide the best solutions to their energy challenges. From the initial energy audit, through the actual implementation of energy conservation measures, Efficient LED Lighting Systems is completely involved in the process.

Efficient LED Lighting Systems has installed more than 500 street lights during the summer and fall of 2017. Additional cities and towns are contracted for installations beginning in March, 2018. The savings that can be expected with LED street light upgrades can range from 40% to 60%, depending upon the current system in any given city or town. Town managers and administrators across NH are contracting with Efficient LED Lighting Systems for street light upgrades, because we offer the best product value and unmatched customer service.

Efficient LED Lighting Systems offers very short-term payback along with high percentage return on investment on all products. Efficient LED Lighting Systems is a turnkey provider of comprehensive energy conservation measures in all of the following industries:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Sporting
  • Municipal
  • Education and Hospitality

Located in the Beautiful Lake Sunapee Area,
where conservation is paramount in protecting the delicate eco-system.